I know this is a time of great uncertainty, which can make preparing for labor and birth an even more challenging and anxiety-provoking time than usual. To all you incredible and courageous parents-to-be out there, or anyone supporting a parent-to-be, I hope the two tools in this video can be a help to cope in the midst of this time. Coming at you raw and uncut today, with a cameo appearance from my daughter Cordelia!Read More →

Do you struggle to speak with your healthcare providers? It’s very common for people to go into “pleaser” mode when speaking with their doctors and midwives ~ saying yes to everything in order to avoid being perceived as a “problem patient”. In this video, learn a helpful tool to guide your conversations with nurses, doctors, and midwives so that you can get the well-rounded information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family!Read More →

Who cares about self-care? If you are supporting a loved one during their labor and birth, I hope YOU DO! In this week’s video, I give you tips on how to take care of yourself so that you can offer your loved one your very best during their labor!In this episode, learn: – what to pack in your labor bag (yes, in YOUR labor bag!) – great snacks for you during labor – the critical time for bathroom breaks – emotional awareness and strategies – and much more! Thanks for watching, and I wish you and your loved one the very best during their laborRead More →

Looking for a great book recommendation to help you support your loved one in their labor? Look no further! In this episode, I go into what makes “The Birth Partner” such a great read and how it will help you support your loved one with confidence!Read More →

Happy Valentine’s Day! And to help you shower your loved one with care and comfort during their birth, here’s a video tip on providing support IN BETWEEN contractions! These are super helpful ideas whether you are supporting your partner, child, friend, or sibling in their birth ~ as a doula, I support all kinds of love and relationships in the birthing room!Read More →

What does doula care look like in the postpartum period?  As in everything with doulas, it can look different in different situations! I’ll talk first about the postpartum meeting I include in every birth doula package, and then about postpartum doula services specifically. Postpartum Visits for Birth Clients I meet with every birth client I serve once after they have their baby. I visit them in their own home (so no trying to leave the house with a newborn!) usually around five to seven days after baby has been born. If the client has a partner, I try to find a time where all threeRead More →

Also be sure to read part one of my doula care series (What Does Doula Care Look Like? Part One: Prenatal Workshops)! The all-time most popular doula question: what does a doula do during labor? This question can take many forms, and has many shades of variation and nuance, including (but not limited to): Will a doula replace my partner/mother/family/friends/other support people? Will a doula make my other support person(s) feel excluded or unnecessary?  Why do I need a doula if I have a nurse at the hospital? What does it mean that a doula will advocate for me in the labor room? These areRead More →