Talking to your baby in labor (or anytime during pregnancy!) is a way to physically and emotionally connect to your little one and to the present moment, both for birthing persons and for co-parents or partners! While talking to your baby can be helpful in any circumstance, it may be especially helpful if you find yourself carrying extra anxiety or unable to birth with all the family/friend/doula support you had hoped as a result of the current pandemic. Wishing all the pregnant persons and their partners, family, and friends a labor and birth filled with peace, wholeness, connection, and joy.Read More →

The idea of asking for time alone in labor may seem odd, especially with current visitor restriction policies in hospitals around the world. However, perhaps asking for time alone (or time alone with a partner, friend, family member, or doula if permitted) may be even more important during a time of reduced support personnel. This is especially helpful when considering medical decisions. After having a conversation with your healthcare provider (see my previous video on using the BRAIN tool!), asking for time alone (or time alone with a support person) allows you to process your options in an environment free of pressure. Find out moreRead More →