Doula care is, by nature, a custom-made service. Each client has different goals and needs, and so care for each client might manifest differently. This fluid and flexible process can make it somewhat challenging for someone considering doula care to get a concrete idea of what hiring a doula might look like. Expecting parents might ask, How can I invest so much money in something so nebulous? Enter: this blog post series. Over the course of three posts, I hope to lay out what a prospective client might be able to expect in hiring me (Rebecca Haley). Please keep in mind that flexibility is oneRead More →

Dedicated to all the families bringing new little people into the world. The Day You Were Born The day you were born was a day like any other. People woke up and drove or biked to work. We dozed briefly on couches or beds made of vinyl after many midnight hours of holding hands and breathing. The day you were born people wrote emails and made lattes and poured concrete. We rubbed backs and caressed sweaty foreheads and dove again and again and again into the rhythmic, pounding, relentless waves of energy and muscle and pain. The day you were born people bought groceries andRead More →