**Palouse Women’s Wellness is not currently accepting new clients. I apologize for any inconvenience and wish you all the best in your journey toward parenthood! ~ Rebecca Haley**

Why should you hire a postpartum doula?

Coming home with a baby is a big transition and a vulnerable time for new parents. Partners often return to work soon after baby’s arrival, so having support from someone who is knowledgeable in current, evidence-based parent and baby care is an asset. Let us help you transition to a new routine!

With a postpartum doula, you can make your time with a new baby as comfortable as possible. Having a support person in your home can help with the little things so you can focus on the important moments. Not only do we support new parents and siblings, but also visiting relatives. We help you find your new normal, create a routine, and organize tasks so everyone feels involved in taking care of the new parents and baby.

Included in postpartum doula services: 

  • One meet-and-greet prenatal visit to review services and make a plan for how your doula fits into your postpartum care. (Please note: If you’ve already had your baby and need help, or feel sad, lonely or anxious, please contact us today for help and referrals.) 
  • A caring support person to assist you through immediate postpartum: arrival home with your baby, new parent care, basic breastfeeding support, safe sleep options, babywearing, struggles, and questions.
  • Rethinking household organization by creating new routines which can make the transition to new parenthood a bit smoother. This may include; kitchen help, laundry, living space organization, and light tidying.
  • To prep a meal or snack with your own ingredients making sure there are easy to grab foods for parents. If you purchase a gift card for a grocery store, your doula will shop for foods from a list and buy ingredients for meals to be frozen or eaten fresh.
  • To hold or wear your baby while you take care of yourself. If you want to nap or shower, return an email, spend time with older children, or simply take a break, your doula will care for your newborn in your home with you present. If you need to be out of your home for longer periods of time or require care for older children, your doula can provide childcare suggestions.
  • Please note that the following services are outside of the standards of practice of our postpartum doula, and will be referred out: Massage, housekeeping, nanny services, counseling services, and diagnostic services. We are trained in basic breastfeeding support, but refer to local International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) when necessary.