Who cares about self-care? If you are supporting a loved one during their labor and birth, I hope YOU DO! In this week’s video, I give you tips on how to take care of yourself so that you can offer your loved one your very best during their labor!In this episode, learn: – what to pack in your labor bag (yes, in YOUR labor bag!) – great snacks for you during labor – the critical time for bathroom breaks – emotional awareness and strategies – and much more! Thanks for watching, and I wish you and your loved one the very best during their laborRead More →

Looking for a great book recommendation to help you support your loved one in their labor? Look no further! In this episode, I go into what makes “The Birth Partner” such a great read and how it will help you support your loved one with confidence!Read More →

Happy Valentine’s Day! And to help you shower your loved one with care and comfort during their birth, here’s a video tip on providing support IN BETWEEN contractions! These are super helpful ideas whether you are supporting your partner, child, friend, or sibling in their birth ~ as a doula, I support all kinds of love and relationships in the birthing room!Read More →