I know this is a time of great uncertainty, which can make preparing for labor and birth an even more challenging and anxiety-provoking time than usual. To all you incredible and courageous parents-to-be out there, or anyone supporting a parent-to-be, I hope the two tools in this video can be a help to cope in the midst of this time. Coming at you raw and uncut today, with a cameo appearance from my daughter Cordelia!Read More →

Do you struggle to speak with your healthcare providers? It’s very common for people to go into “pleaser” mode when speaking with their doctors and midwives ~ saying yes to everything in order to avoid being perceived as a “problem patient”. In this video, learn a helpful tool to guide your conversations with nurses, doctors, and midwives so that you can get the well-rounded information you need to make the best decisions for you and your family!Read More →