**Palouse Women’s Wellness is not currently accepting new clients. I apologize for any inconvenience and wish you all the best in your journey toward parenthood! ~ Rebecca Haley**

Rebecca supports a client and partner.Why hire a birth doula? 

Inviting a birth doula to care for you during your pregnancy, labor and postpartum is about embracing the belief that this experience is more than just a means to an end. Maybe you’re having your first baby and you aren’t quite sure what to expect, but you don’t think it’s going to be like what you’ve seen in the movies. Or, maybe you’re an experienced parent who, having been through it once (or more!) before, knows that you want the support of a seasoned guide to help shape the space for this birth.

You have a sense that healthy parents and healthy babies are the most important results, but they aren’t the only important results. You want someone in your corner who works for you – not for your doctors or midwives, not for the hospital, not for the insurance company – who respects the place where holistic instinct and modern science meet, and who can help you make the choices that are right for your values. You want a listening ear that will offer no-judgement feedback and evidence-based information, free from the biases and opinions even the most well-intentioned family or friends often impart.

As a birth doula, I will meet you where you’re at to help cultivate the experience you want, but also prepare for and process the unexpected. Hiring a birth doula brings together the ancient tradition of woman-supported birth, in which the women of a community use their wisdom to guide a birth-giver on the path to parenthood, and modern training and experience, in which we explore and employ cutting-edge research studies, technology, and a thorough understanding of modern care options. I will never tell you there is one right way – but I will help you find your right way. I invite you to read about our past clients’ experiences with us by visiting our testimonial page.

Studies show the many positive effects of choosing to work with a doula. Of all the outcomes I’m proud to say doulas positively influence, the 34% reduction in dissatisfaction with the birth experience is something I find particularly meaningful. As a major transformative life event, your birth experience and how you remember it matters, and I believe in honoring this time in your life.

As a trained doula, I have not only completed initial coursework and hands-on learning, but also engage in ongoing continuing education to further my skills and knowledge.

“I would recommend every birthing couple to meet with a doula to consult on what a doula could help/add to their birthing experience…I think too often people with family and friends assign the “doula” role to people they know without realizing the added benefits of hiring a doula. A doula really takes care of the mom-to-be and is a great support for the dad-to-be to have as well.” – Filipp and Maria from Pullman

Ready to learn more about what you receive when you hire Rebeca Haley as your doula?  

All of my birth doula packages include the following essential support:

  • Unlimited phone, text and email support from the time of hire through six weeks postpartum
  • Access to my extensive collection of resources, including books, articles and videos featuring current, evidence-based information and techniques
  • One two-hour in-home prenatal workshop on newborn care and parent postpartum care, as well as any specific questions or concerns you have about your birth and postpartum period 
  • One two-hour in-home prenatal visit where we dive deep into your individual needs, fears, hopes and preferences for your birth and cover labor support techniques
  • A doula on-call for you 24/7 from 37 weeks until your baby arrives
  • Phone and text support through early labor to provide suggestions, answer questions, and help with plans for the rest of your labor and birth
  • In person, contraction-to-contraction personalized labor support
  • A one week postpartum visit in-home where you share your birth story, we process your experience, and assist with postpartum parent and baby questions
  • Referrals to other professionals or resources for specialized care as needed

Beyond these essentials, I have package options that range from $600-$750 – something for every birth plan and every budget.