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Welcome to Palouse Women's Wellness!

My name is Rebecca Haley, and I am a doula and educator serving Moscow, Idaho, Pullman, Washington, and the Lewiston/Clarkston Valley.

I provide full-spectrum birth and postpartum doula services to families of all types. Whether you're planning a hospital birth, birth center birth, or homebirth, I'm ready to offer my trained, experienced, and gentle guidance along your journey.

I know that birth is unpredictable, often wild, and always transformative. The only agenda I bring to your birth is the goal of providing unwavering, unbiased support when you need it the most. I believe the most important person in a birth space is always the birth-giver, and I want you to believe it, too.

Whether you're newly pregnant and looking for information about your pregnancy and birth options on the Palouse, , gaining knowledge on postpartum care for parents and baby alike, or looking for hands-on continuous support through labor and postpartum - I'm here.

What are you waiting for?

Surround yourself with support.

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...take theirs:

Everyone should have a doula. KC, 2020

As first time parents, the return on investment for doula care is off the charts--it was probably the single best decision and investment we made during pregnancy. EC, 2020

Rebecca knew to work around us and the birth team, and provided me very apt support when I needed it. BL, 2020

We highly recommend hiring Rebecca. Rebecca is an amazing, supportive doula who listens very intently and worked extremely hard to help us meet our goals. - SW, 2020

I would recommend working with Rebecca because of her kind demeanor, her supportive presence during childbirth, and her willingness to debrief with you after the birth…Having a doula was worth every penny! - L, 2020

Rebecca truly went above and beyond in helping us achieve all of our goals and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to hire a doula. - APL, 2019

I feel 100% satisfied with the care we received by Rebecca! The most valuable aspect of Rebecca's care was her positive and calm energy. While laboring, I felt so comfortable with her, which allowed me the freedom to be honest with her about my needs and act in a way that felt natural to me. - RL, 2019

Rebecca was a wealth of information to my boyfriend and I before labor, and a dream to have while going through labor! I can look back at my birth experience and have a positive memory about labor because of her. - CS, 2019

The most valuable thing about having a doula was the peace of mind that came with knowing we had an experienced advocate to help us deal with the unexpected. - SJ, 2019

I have told all of my friends that a doula is the greatest investment anyone can make in the birthing journey. Rebecca is seriously worth her weight in gold! - KM, 2018

Whenever I told my providers that Rebecca was my doula, they were visibly happy and enthusiastic about it. She not only works well with her clients, she works well with the doctors and hospital staff, which is so important, as well. She really is a great bridge between the doctor and the mother. - SB, 2018

I am not sure how Rebecca could be more supportive in this capacity because she was the best doula we ever had. - JM, 2018

Rebecca was great about filling whatever role was needed during the birth process, becoming a critical member of the team, along with our nurse, and doctor. Rebecca is truly a kind soul, and is great at reading the situation and filling the role you need from her.- SJ, 2018

We had a full return on our investment in a doula. Despite our labor plan taking a completely different turn than what we had planned for, having our doula made our experience better. A doula really takes care of the mom-to-be and is a great support for the dad-to-be to have as well. - MC, 2018