Whole Woman. Whole Life.

Palouse Women’s Wellness is here to support you through all the seasons of your life, whether you’re seeking increased well-being in a time of calm or reinforcement in a time of transition.

We offer full-spectrum doula services for all outcomes of pregnancy, as well as postpartum doula services, placenta pills, and belly binding.

We teach body literacy and fertility awareness for menstrual cycle knowledge at all ages, choosing to avoid or achieve conception, and how to record, understand and communicate cycle signs as markers of health.

Beginning in summer 2017, we will offer consultations and preparations with our in-house women’s health herbalist.

We are believers in finding the balance between modern methodologies and the healing traditions of our ancestors. More and more, we see science “discovering” old wisdom is actually supported as evidence-based best practices. There, bridging the gap between the old and the new, is where you’ll find us.