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We are doulas and educators serving Moscow, Idaho, Pullman, Washington, and the Lewiston/Clarkston Valley.

We provide full-spectrum birth and postpartum doula services to families of all types. Whether you're planning a hospital birth, birth center birth, or homebirth, we're ready to offer our trained, experienced and gentle guidance along your journey.

We know that birth is unpredictable, often wild, and always transformative. The only agenda we bring to your birth is the goal of providing unwavering, unbiased support when you need it the most. We believe the most important person in a birth space is always the birth-giver, and we want you to believe it, too.

Whether you're newly pregnant and looking for information about your pregnancy and birth options on the Palouse, preparing for birth and looking for comprehensive childbirth education, gaining knowledge on postpartum care for parents and baby alike, or looking for hands-on continuous support through labor and postpartum - we're here.

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"The traits I needed from my doula was someone who would be a team player with my husband, someone who was on board with my birth plan, and someone who was aware of risks associated with a high-risk pregnancy. Laurel fit the ticket, and then some!" - BK, 2016

"From beginning to end, Marci was there to help us process what was happening and offered unwavering help and support in every aspect of my labor and delivery. Not just for me but for my husband as well. I honestly dont know how I would have gotten through hours of active labor without her. ... As my doula, Marci empowered us with evidence based information that allowed me and husband to make the best decisions for us during an extremely stressful time, every step of the way. We cannot recommend her enough." - AG, 2016

"She stays completely calm in a crisis and is hilarious to boot. ... Laurel was my rock. I would use her services again in a heartbeat!" - LP, 2013

"Marci helped my husband and I feel prepared, confident, and supported as we got ready for the labor and delivery of our first child. ... She was accessible and supportive through the entire process (from the initial meeting clear to our post partum home visit) and I would strongly recommend her!" - ET, 2015

"Before the birth of our first child, she helped make sure even the smallest of details were taken care of, like where to send our dog for a while and other things that never crossed my mind. ... I would highly recommend Laurel to anyone looking to have a strong support system in the birth of their choice. She is pro-mom, and pro-baby to the core!" - SK, 2010

"I felt and feel really supported, and empowered from my experience rather than traumatized. I really dont think I could have done this without Marci's support. Frank breech birth, first time mum, no pain meds. AWESOME!" - ES, 2014