What should you do with your placenta? 

Consuming your placenta postpartum is believed to have amazing benefits for new mothers. Some of the wonderful things women have reported are:

  • Eased postpartum bleeding
  • Providing hormones including lactogen and prolactin to assist with breast milk supply
  • Replenishing iron lost from birth and helping prevent post-birth anemia
  • Balancing out hormone levels until the body is able to regulate on its own
  • Providing natural pain relief after the labor and birthing process
  • Helping return the uterus to pre-pregnancy size
  • Providing a consistent flow oxytocin, the bonding and love hormone
  • Replenishing B-vitamins and providing protein for energy

Why should Palouse Women’s Wellness process your placenta? 

Placentas are prepared by Marci Miller, who was trained in placenta encapsulation through hands-on experience with a Certified Professional Midwife. She is also enrolled in a Women’s Health Herbalism training program. Marci processes placentas in a separate space in her own home using safe handling procedures for blood-borne pathogens and uses proper sanitation for the safety of both client and processor. She takes all proper steps in cleaning to assure a clean environment and a safe product.

Placenta preparation service options: 


Placenta rinsed and dehydrated at 115° to preserve enzymes and hormones.  Women report high levels of energy and really notice a mood difference with the raw method.  Placenta pills will likely last no more than 2 years when stored frozen.


Placenta rinsed and dehydrated at 145°. This method may potentially destroy some of the enzymes and hormones, however, some families feel better knowing that any potential bacteria is also destroyed.


A coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter based balm infused with your placenta. Also includes lavender and calendula. Amazing for stretch marks, sore nipples, and other skin irritations. May be used on your baby’s bottom as well.


A piece of raw placenta placed in a cobalt jar in alcohol (80 proof vodka).  You have to swirl the liquid around a few times every day for six weeks and then pour the contents back into a tincture bottle (included).  The tincture lasts indefinitely and can be used for balancing hormones, menopause, or times in life when you need the extra support.


The cost for either the raw or high heat method of encapsulation is $200.

Prana Balm preparation may be added to an encapsulation order for $40, and tincture preparation may be added for $25. If you would like to order one or both of these services as a stand-alone instead of an add-ons to encapsulation, there is an additional delivery fee of $15.

Vegan capsules are available for an additional $10 on encapsulation orders (by advance request only).

Each order includes a cord keepsake for free. The cord is dried in the shape it naturally takes.

Pick-up and drop-off at locations within 30 miles of Moscow is free. Travel over 30 miles for pick-up is $20.

A discounted rate for the above items is available for birth doula clients.

How to have your placenta processed by Palouse Women’s Wellness: 

To inquire about becoming a client of Palouse Women’s Wellness, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the form below. Our encapsulator, Marci, will contact you to ensure your questions are answered.
  2. When you are ready, you will electronically sign our contract and pay a $50 deposit to reserve your space on our calendar. The remainder of your fee will be due at the time your items are dropped off.