Why should you have your belly binding done by Palouse Women’s Wellness? 

During pregnancy, water and air are retained by the pregnant woman as her body supports the baby in the womb. Her center of gravity shifts with her expanding belly and her internal organs move to make space for the growing baby. Many women experience swelling and edema in their hands and feet, but may not notice how their belly may also be retaining water. After the baby is born, women are left with an empty space in their body and it takes times for their internal organs to find their original place.

Wrapping with a 360-degree wrap can help reduce swelling, keeping the uterus low and firm in the pelvis and supporting the internal organs as they move back into place. Wrapping is also incredibly helpful for women who experience low back pain during or after pregnancy. Sitting for hours feeding your baby can really take its toll on your back! A belly bind can provide the support you need while looking great, as well. As the only practitioners on the Palouse offering belly binding, we can also help you identify resources for ongoing healing and support during your postpartum recovery.

Postpartum Belly Binding

Many cultural traditions include wrapping the mother to keep her warm, which speeds recovery, and also to ‘close the bones.’ The sense that many women have after pregnancy of an empty space in their womb can be unnerving and strange. Belly binding can be a tool used to help ‘close’ the space left behind.

Binding can be especially healing for moms who have had a cesarean birth (c-section). Generally, at about two weeks postpartum, your care provider will examine your incision and release you from surgical care. If you are having pain, swelling or redness, please contact your provider. Many women feel a heaviness in their lower abdomen that can be supported and eased with belly binding.

Diastasis Recti is a common ailment of pregnant and postpartum women. Diastasis Recti is the separation of the center ‘seam’ or midline fascia of the stomach muscle. It can be easily diagnosed at home using this method. Belly binding can help to ‘splint’ the abdominal muscles while you continue to heal and work towards correction.


Included in belly binding: 

  • A 45-minute belly binding session
  • A beautiful batik, 100% cotton fabric wrap
  • A one-on-one check-in with a certified doula
  • A binding lesson for a loved one who can continue to wrap you day after day
  • Text and email support for four weeks regarding the belly binding


Belly binding is provided for a one-time all-inclusive fee of $45, due at the time of service.

How to hire Palouse Women’s Wellness for belly binding: 

To inquire about becoming a client of Palouse Women’s Wellness, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the form below. A doula will contact you to ensure your questions are answered.
  2. If you are currently pregnant, you can reserve your space on our calendar as far in advance as you’d like. You will simply let us know once you’ve had your baby to confirm a final appointment for your belly binding.
  3. If you have already had your baby, congrats! Please indicate baby’s birthday on the form, and we’ll contact you to set a convenient time for your belly binding.
  4. If you have had a cesarean birth (c-section) please ask your care provider if you are able to have belly binding done prior to the visit.