What is Mothering Circle?

Mothering Circle is a weekly talking circle support group for new mothers. Women typically join us in the first weeks postpartum and continue coming for as long as they wish. (Babies in arms are welcome.) The rules are few but important: No interrupting, no expressions of judgment, no unsolicited advice, and participants should practice mutual confidentiality with whatever is shared. We foster a climate of openness and honesty, where women feel free to laugh, cry, and share the truths of motherhood without fear or shame.

Mothering Circle is about building community, healing traumas, understanding variations of normal, and celebrating motherhood. Our members come from across the Palouse and represent diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. We are LGBTQIA-inclusive.

When is Mothering Circle?

The Mothering Circle is on a summer hiatus. We will resume starting again in mid-August. 

We meet weekly on Tuesdays from 5:30pm to approximately 6:30-6:45pm at the Palouse Women’s Wellness office at 106 E 3rd St #3B in Moscow. (Don’t worry if you’re running late… come anyway. It happens to all of us sometimes!)

Who hosts Mothering Circle? 

Palouse Women’s Wellness co-owners Marci Miller (Circle founder) and Laurel Bake facilitate the weekly group.


Just your time! Mothering Circle has been and will remain free to join and participate in.

How to join us for Mothering Circle: 

Circle is always open, so you are welcome to join us as soon as you can. If you’re feeling a little lost or nervous and would like someone to reach out to you before you come, just fill out the form below and we’ll connect you with a current member to help welcome you.